Machado Defies Intimidation and Denounces Venezuela Crisis from Brazil

EspañolThe recently deposed Venezuelan congresswoman, María Corina Machado, will meet today in Brazil with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Chamber of Deputies. She intends to “denounce” the “grave” situation in Venezuela. A press conference will proceed once the meeting has concluded.

“The purpose of the visit is to accept the invitation of both commissions and the intention is to present, in a very direct way and in her capacity as a representative of Venezuela, the very serious situation currently in Venezuela,” a source close to Machado told Efe.

The opposition leader arrives in Brazil after heading a massive march yesterday in Caracas to the National Assembly as a protest against the government’s move to strip her from her parliamentary position. Meanwhile, Machado insists that she is now “more of a representative than ever” and that the decision to expel her from her seat was illegal. She further commented that the move demonstrates the authoritarian government of Nicolás Maduro and the “lack of separation of powers” in Venezuela.

After accepting Panama’s position to present during a session of the Organization of American States on March 20, a majority in the National Assembly, and later the Supreme Court of Venezuela, decided to suspend the opposition leader of her parliamentary duties.

Source: El Universal.

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