Drug War: United States Withdraws Radar Assistance in Honduras


EspañolThe US Embassy in Tegucigalpa today confirmed that the Obama administration has decided to suspend radar assistance that helps the Honduran government detect narco-planes. The decision follows the creation of the Law on Protection of Airspace, which authorizes the Honduran Air Force to shoot down any aircraft in its airspace that is suspected of being used by drug traffickers.

In previous meetings, US officials have expressed concern about the law, and warned that procedures to shoot down planes “are not compatible with US laws governing certain types of security assistance the US government provides Honduras.” According to officials, the concern was because in some cases, these “narcoavionetas” could be undercover agents of U.S. intelligence.

According to El Heraldo, the US embassy spokesman confirmed that “based on this review [of the law], the US government has already ceased to share some information and assistance to support an air interception by the government of Honduras.” As of Sunday, March 23, the information has been suspended, but the representatives of the two countries have not yet confirmed whether the measure will be permanent.

Previously, the United States had committed to provide Honduras with military support and technical assistance for possible routes used by drug traffickers and capture.

Source: El Heraldo.

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