Quebec’s Language Police Abandon French Mandate on Facebook


Eva Cooper received a notice in mid-February threatening fines against her fashion boutique business for her Facebook page. Quebec’s Office of French Language was mandating that she have a French version before English would be acceptable.

However, in what may have been a surprise twist, on Monday she received a call from from the office to let her know that they would no longer be pursuing her case. The official making the call said that they would not apply Quebec’s language law to social media.

“I think I can do what I was doing before,” she said. “They have certainly softened their position.”

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Meanwhile, interest in the Delilah (in the Parc) page has boomed, with 11,867 people discussing the page, more than its 10,257 “likes.” In addition, dozens of people have posted messages of support on the promotional page’s wall.

Source: Ottawa Citizen.

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