Ecuador: Constitutional Barrier May Not Stop Correa’s Third Term

EspañolFabián Solano, a member of Ecuador’s National Assembly and representative for the Bolivar province, made known on Wednesday that he will put forward a constitutional amendment to allow current President Rafael Correa to run for a second reelection, and therefore a third term.

The member of the parliament explained that the purpose of this bill would be to ease the continuation of Correa’s presidential term which ends in 2017. Solano, who’s also president of the Socialist Party, said he would talk over this constitutional reform with the political supporters of Correa’s Citizen Revolution, such as PAIS Alliance (the ruling party), Avanza, and MAR, among others.

According to Solano, there are still reforms on education and agriculture that haven’t yet been implemented, and to achieve them he believes “it would be beneficial to have Rafael Correa as president in a new term.” However, Correa has asserted he will not run for a new presidential term. Instead, he claims he would transition to academics and start teaching.

If the National Assembly considers this bill and submits it to a vote, Correa has more than four fifths of the parliament, in excess of the necessary two thirds. Since the 2013 legislative elections, the ruling party PAIS has had 100 seats, to go with its ally party Avanza’s five for a total of 105 out of 130.

Source: La República.

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