“Cuban Five” Spy Released from Prison in Arizona after 15 Years


EspañolFernando González, a member of the “Cuban Five” spy ring, was released from prison today by US authorities, after completing his sentence and spending more than 15 years in jail. He is now in the custody of immigration officials who will deport him to Cuba soon.

US authorities know him by the alias Ruben Campa, and convicted him of conspiracy in 2001, along with four other agents. They were part of a network of spies Fidel Castro organized in South Florida. The Cuban Five allegedly infiltrated military bases, kept an eye on Cuban exiles, and infiltrated the political campaigns of US politicians opposed to Castro’s government.

Fernando González is the second member of the Cuban Five to be released from jail. The first, René González, was released in 2011 and spent more than a year on probation. A judge later allowed him to return to Cuba.

Source: Miami Herald.

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