US Courts Vie for “El Chapo” Guzmán’s Extradition

EspañolMultiple district courts in the United States are requesting the extradition of Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán. Arrested on Saturday in Mazatlan, Mexico, Guzmán faces criminal charges in at least six different US jurisdictions.

The attorney general of New York, Loretta Lynch, was among the first to request extradition on drug trafficking charges.

Meanwhile, Jack Riley, head of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Chicago office, also stated his desire to have Guzmán sent to Chicago. Riley is confident that the seriousness of the charges Guzmán faces in Chicago will ultimately carry the most weight in the decision as to where he is extradited. The DEA has accused Guzmán of turning Chicago into one of the largest distribution centers for illicit drugs in the United States.

Other states in which Guzmán faces charges include California, Arizona, and Texas. The extradition process, if approved, could take several years. Guzmán would first need to serve any pending sentence in Mexico.

Source: El Informador.

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