Ecuador: Correa Loses Elections Heavily, Fears “Fascist Right” Destabilization


Yesterday, Ecuadorian citizens cast their ballots in the 2014-2019 local elections. All in all, voters chose 221 mayors, 23 governors, 1,035 municipal councilors, and 4,079 city council representatives.

While official numbers have not yet been certified, the Ecuadorian government has confirmed that the opposition have won mayoral elections in three key cities. That includes Quito, traditionally controlled by the ruling party. The opposition also took victories in Cuenca and Guayaquil.

This is the biggest victory by opposition forces in Ecuador since Rafael Correa came to power in 2007 and has since won seven consecutive elections.

The president admitted defeat in these important cities, but assured supporters that “these aftershocks do us well,” so that the ruling party may adapt its policies to reflect the demands of the public. He refused to comment on the potential for a defeat at the national level, given that his party, PAIS Alliance, invested so much in the local elections.

The president also stated he was concerned about the new government in place in the capital city of Quito, now in the hands of the opposition. Correa declared that the “people behind” the new mayor-elect, Mauricio Rodas, are aligned with the Venezuelan “fascist right,” invoking fears that the violence in their neighbor country may spread to their own.

Source: Infobae.

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