More Bloodshed in the Streets of Venezuela: Two Students Dead

NB: graphic content.

Earlier this morning, suspected agents of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) shot and killed 34-year-old Jimmy Vargas in the city of San Cristóbal, Táchira. Following demonstrations, the GNB attacked the young man’s Camino Real community with pellets and tear gas. Vargas, a bystander on a second floor balcony, was struck in the eye with a pellet and fell to his death.

Daniel Ceballos, mayor of San Cristóbal, confirmed through his Twitter account the National Guard’s involvement in the incident, Vargas’s death, and several more wounded. A video circulating through social media shows Vargas’s mother expressing her anger over her son’s death and placing blame on Maduro’s government.

“Maduro and his associates are the ones who killed him. They gave the orders to kill him — they are the ones killing all of Venezuela. I will fight for my country. My son died a hero fighting for his country.”

In Cagua, Aragua, armed colectivo motorcyclists are the most likely suspects in the death of an unidentified student who was shot in the head during a demonstration. According to witnesses, the colectivo stormed a group of demonstrators and began throwing stones and shooting their weapons into the air.

Sources: El Mundo, El Nacional, and Ultimas Noticias.

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