Marco Rubio Condemns “Nicolás Maduro’s Thugs”


After tepid criticism from Secretary of State John Kerry, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has released a lengthy and assertive statement against the Chavista regime in Venezuela. He calls for sanctions and warns of consequences for “carrying out orders against innocent Venezuelans.”

“The situation in Venezuela,” he says, “is growing more violent and deadly, as innocent Venezuelans demanding their freedoms and greater accountability from the government are being met with government-organized armed repression and violence. . . . I am sickened by the images I’ve seen of young people being maimed, jailed and even killed by Nicolás Maduro’s thugs.”

In particular, Rubio denounces the detainment of opposition leader Leopoldo López; “we should demand his immediate and unconditional release.” Further, “The Administration should use every diplomatic means necessary . . . and [the imposition of] sanctions on those planning and actively participating in repressive and violent acts.”


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