Six Californias: Approved Petition Seeks to Split Up the State

Tim Draper, a venture capitalist in California, has begun a signature gathering process for a petition that aims to split California into six separate states.

Draper claims that because of the state’s size and its recent economic and social changes, California has become “ungovernable.” Speaking to ABC News, Draper said, “It is more and more difficult for Sacramento to keep up with the social issues from the various regions of California. With six Californias, people will be closer to their state governments, and states can get a refresh.”

The primary objective of the measure is to solve the state’s fiscal problems. By dividing up the state, the federal government would divide up its current debt. Secretary of State Debra Bowen has now approved Draper’s petition and explained that, if passed, “all tax collections and spending by the existing State of California would end, with its assets and liabilities divided among the new states.”

The plan has its detractors, including Brendan Nyhan, assistant professor of government at Dartmouth College. He says “Splitting California into six states would raise all sorts of concerns about the partisan balance of the senate. I can’t imagine this would ever go anywhere.”

To be put to a vote, Draper has 150 days — a deadline of July 18, 2014 — to gather the signatures of 807,615 registered voters.

Source: ABC News.

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