Venezuela: Intelligence Officials Burst Into Opposition Headquarters

Today, officials from Venezuela’s Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN) burst into the headquarters of the Popular Will Party (Voluntad Popular), which Leopoldo López leads as national coordinator. The officials, who had neither a search nor an arrest warrant, were looking for Carlos Veccio, legal coordinator for the party.

Once the officials were inside, they pointed their weapons to everyone in the room and finally broke down the door looking for Veccio. The situation was recorded by a security camera, and also by one of the members with his cellphone. One of the SEBIN officials grabbed the cellphone from the activist once he saw he was being recorded.

Veccio denounced these actions and said the government wanted to frighten them. He described them as “desperate” actions.

“We won’t fall back; we are not afraid, and we won’t get frightened by this pressure.” The legal coordinator said that this kind of aggression wasn’t new. In fact, he claimed that many members of this party have been detained by the authorities.

Source: Analítica.

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