First ZEDE Set to be in Southern Honduras


EspañolEbal Diaz, advisor to President Juan Orlando Hernández, has announced that the launch of the first Zone for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE) will be in southern Honduras. Diaz, who is also part of the newly appointed Best Practices Commission, reported that the investment project will be carried out in several municipalities of the department of Choluteca.

According to Diaz, on Monday President Hernández will release important details on job creation and investment for Hondurans living in Choluteca, Valle, and adjacent areas.

“I would dare to say that on February 10, a very important announcement is going to be made. This will bring much joy to the Honduran people, especially in the south of the country,” he said.

According to official statements, the potential regions for establishing the ZEDE are Choluteca, the Gulf of Fonseca, El Triunfo, Palmerola Thank Ocotepeque, Quimistán, Cuyamel, La Ceiba, Puerto Cortes, Punta Castilla, Sico Paulaya and Santa Maria del Real.

Source: El Heraldo.

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