Online Shopping in Argentina? Not So Much

EspañolToday the Argentinean government introduced new restrictions on online shopping. The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) — responsible for tax revenues and customs controls on foreign trade — limited the amount Argentineans can spend in international websites to US$25 per year.

After reaching the $25 threshold for online shopping, people must pay a 50 percent tax if they want to continue buying. In addition, consumers must complete a signed declaration before collecting the ordered package at the customs office. The national postal office will no longer be responsible for the delivery of the packages bought online abroad.

The government stated this decision was caused by the poor infrastructure in the Customs Office. The few officers apparently do not have the capacity to control every single package that arrives in the country — but the policy may also be part of efforts to stop foreign currency reserves from falling.

Source: BBC.

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