Venezuela: Maduro Willing to Resume Talks With United States

EspañolLast Wednesday, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro affirmed that “based on mutual respect, it is possible to resume the conversations our ambassadors have had.” He alluded to the dialogues set up last June between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Elías Jaua.

The president commented on the subject state of international affairs speech, in the Venezuelan Parliament. He said he expects to have a “positive relationship” with the North American country.

Some disagreements occurred between both countries in 2013. Therefore, Maduro demanded that particular incidents “should not happen again,” such as the alleged refusal of the US government to authorize the Venezuelan presidential plane to fly over US air space.

“Enough with this childish persecutions and bullying. The United States government should take a deep look at itself, and understand that Venezuela is now a truly independent country.” In his vision, the United States should “realistically accept the decrease of its old power.”

Source: El Nuevo Herald.

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