UN Climate Chief Praises Communism, Dismisses Democracy

The Costa Rican executive secretary with the UN Convention on Climate Change, Christina Figueres, said in an interview on January 13 that democracy is a weak system to fight global warming, and instead praised China’s communist model.

The UN climate chief specifically criticized the United States and its partisan division in Congress. According to Figueres, this division among both parties has become an obstacle, a “detrimental” factor that impedes the approval of any law that could fight global warming.

On the other hand, she praised China’s communist system as the best model. Even though the Asian power is one of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, the country is “doing it right” in the fight against global warming. Figueres stated that communism has allowed the country to approve laws and reforms with less struggles than occur in the US republic.

Source: Daily Caller.

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