Costa Rica: Presidential Debates Heat Up as Election Nears


EspañolThe minimum wage was the main topic of discussion in a televised presidential debate in Costa Rica last night, as the country continues to prepare for national elections on February 2.

Johnny Araya (PLN), Rodolfo Piza (PUSC), Luis Guillermo Solís (PAC), José María Villalta (Broad Front), and Otto Guevara (Libertarian Movement) are the leading candidates for the presidency, and all five were in attendance last night.

Despite differing approaches to implementation, all candidates agreed the issue needs correcting. Official government data from recent years reveals that one in four employers in Costa Rica pay their employees less than required by law — approximately US$17 per day.

Other issues discussed were ways to boost infrastructure, increase government transparency, reduce corruption, and develop a more harmonized effort to further develop rail projects across the country.

Three more televised debates are scheduled ahead of the presidential and legislative elections on February 2.

Source: La Nación.

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