Venezuela: Maduro Dismisses Quarter of His Cabin

EspañolVenezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced numerous changes to his cabinet yesterday. Through his Twitter account, Maduro stated “I have received letters from all ministers offering to resign, and ease the administration’s rearrangement for this year.” He also expressed gratitude for his cabinet’s efforts and loyalty “during times of revolution.”

Pedro Calzadilla, university Education Minister, resigned “for personal reasons,” and Ricardo Menéndez is set to take his place. Wilmer Barrientos will be the new Minister of Industry, with Hugo Cabezas taking over as Minister of the Presidential Office. Other changes include labor lawyer Jesús Martínez taking charge as the Minister of Labor, Héctor Rodríguez stepping in as the new Education Minister, Victor Clark as the Minister of Youth, and former baseball player and music artist Antonio “El Potro” Álvarez as Sports Minister.

Furthermore, Carmen Meléndez, Andreina Tarazón, and Delcy Rodríguez were ratified as Minister of Defense, Minister of Women’s Affairs, and Minister of Communication, respectively. Miguel Rodríguez Torres was also introduced as Minister of the Interior, and will no longer be director of the Bolivarian Service for National Intelligence. General Manuel Gregorio Bernal will now fill that post.

Sources: El Universal y El Mundo.

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