Brazil: Video Surfaces Showing Decapitations in Jail


EspañolA tape registering a gruesome, violent attack between prisoners in Brazil has surfaced this week, jolting public opinion and the government, which has called for an emergency meeting.

The video demonstrates how a group of prisoners from rival gangs were in an escalating conflict, and it finishes with the decapitation of the members in one group at the hands of the other. Insecurity-related events in prisons have been on the rise in Brazil, including 60 murders in 2013.

President Dilma Roussef has called a cabinet meeting upon her arrival from the holidays, to deal with issues related to the prison crisis affecting the country.

The justice minister, along with Maranhao State Governor Roseana Sarney, have agreed to move the leaders of the gang controlling the Pedrinhas jail to a maximum security prison. Pedrinhas is where the decapitations took place.

Warning: this video contains images that may hurt the sensitivity of some people. Source: Folha de S.Paulo.

Source: Infobae.

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