Cuba and United States Restart Migration Dialogue

Tomorrow in Havana, the United States and Cuba will restart their bilateral dialogue on migration issues, according to El Nuevo Herald. The Department of State has affirmed that the conversations do not represent a change to US foreign policy towards the island, but simply a cooperation to ensure safe migration between the two countries.

US President Barack Obama suspended relations with the Caribbean island after the arrest in 2009 of Alan Gross, a US contractor on Cuba. In July 2013, however, the two governments restarted a general dialogue, and tomorrow’s meeting will be the first meeting on migration.

Both governments had held such migration meetings twice each year, dating back to 1995. That year, the countries signed an agreement in which Washington was to grant 20,000 visas per year to Cuban migrants. Last fiscal year, the United States did grant 24,727 visas, and in the previous year there were 26,720.

Sources: Infobae and El Nuevo Herald.

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