Mexico: Police Forcibly Remove Teachers from Protest

EspañolOn Sunday, January 5, police forced the end of a four month protest by a group of teachers at la Plaza Revolución in Mexico City. The National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) — the public school teachers union in Mexico – led the protest against an education reform passed on February 25, 2013.

After authorities and representatives of CNTE couldn’t reach an agreement, 450 members of the riot police (granaderos) proceeded to forcibly remove the protesters. While the tents set up by the teachers remain, the number of CNTE protesters has been considerably reduced to a few dozen teachers. Similarly, the Ministry of Public Security for the Federal District (SSPDF) assured the public that the protesters were unarmed.

The education reform that the CNTE opposes eliminates some union privileges in public schools, such as the right of union members to cover their own absences, and teachers will be subject to mandatory evaluations.

Source: Univisión 

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