Cuban Regime Celebrates 55 Years

EspañolLast Wednesday, the Cuban regime commemorated 55 years since the revolution, gathering in the eastern city of Santiago. That’s where Fidel Castro first announced on January 1, 1959, his triumph over dictator Fulgencio Batista. Cuba’s ruler and commander Raúl Castro presided over the ceremony, along with key members from his cabinet and the Communist Party.

During his speech, Castro focused on the uncensored information that Cubans are receiving, particularly from foreign digital media, and warned about alleged powerful forces that work “from within and outside” the country, trying to sabotage the communist system.

“There is a permanent subversion campaign . . . we perceive attempts of subtle introduction of neoliberal and capitalist platforms . . . in favor of individualism, selfishness, and mercantilism,” Castro said.

Over 3,000 people attended the event and praised the benefits of the Cuban regime. Former ruler and leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro was the big absentee. Now 87 years old, Castro stepped down from power in 2006 for medical reasons, transferring his seat to his brother, Raúl Castro.

Source: El Nuevo Herald.

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