Half of Venezuelans Don’t Believe the “Economic War”

By: PanAm Post Staff - Dec 22, 2013, 8:19 pm

EspañolSix out of 10 Venezuelans support President Nicolás Maduro’s economic measures, announced weeks before the recent municipal elections. That’s according to the Caracas-based polling firm, Hinterlaces — and 28 percent of those surveyed agreed with setting a limit for businesses and retailer profits. However, 48 percent didn’t believe in Maduro’s alleged “economic war.”

Months before the municipal elections took place on December 8, Maduro denounced an “economic war” — a planned sabotage, presumably by the opposition. Moreover, he has used this argument to justify his recent economic measures, which include setting a ceiling on profits, forcing stores to reduce prices, and sending military forces to electronic appliance stores.

Venezuelans may not believe in the economic-war speech, but most of them support the president. According to the polling firm, the results of the study also show that 64 percent of those surveyed viewed Maduro’s performance as positive.

Source: El Universal.