Cuba Lifts Rationing on Purchase and Sale of Vehicles

Last Thursday, Cuba’s government decided to gradually legalize the commercialization of motor vehicles inside the country. With this measure, Cubans will be able to freely buy and sell used vehicles, as well as new ones from state-controlled retailers. This measure abolishes the previous system based on state permits.

Two years ago, Cuba’s government approved the 292 Decree, that allowed the purchase and sale of vehicles, with certain restrictions such as mandatory state permits. However, this system led to corruption and a black market, where people sold these permits, or used them to buy new vehicles at a lower price and then sell them later at a black market rate.

Even though the permits aren’t necessary anymore, those who have them will have priority in the acquisition of new vehicles. Cubans and foreign residents still aren’t allowed to import vehicles directly — only through a state-controlled retailer.

In the next few days, the regulations will appear in the Official Gazette.

Source: Granma.

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