ALBA: Ecuador’s Correa Doubling Down on Bolivarian Influence


EspañolEcuador’s president, Rafael Correa, has spoken out in favor of both continuing and expanding the Bolivarian Alliance (ALBA) and its influence in Latin America and the Caribbean. He did so during a speech on Tuesday, at the Second Summit Meeting of ALBA and Petrocaribe, which took place in Caracas.

“It’s painful to see how some media do not reflect an expression of the people, but rather the political and commercial interests of capitalism.” Correa was referring to some outlets which allegedly harass Latin-American governments, promoting disruptive actions and hindering progress. He declared that ALBA has a responsibility to fight back and respond to such parties.

In addition, the president made a strong critique of organizations such as the American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) and the Organization of American States (OAS), which he accused of being inefficient in their duties and having a conflicting messages. He emphasized that Latin America must come together to fight.

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“We are facing 21st century colonialism, which comes loaded with evil and with the intention of ending the willingness of governments to promote socialism on the basis of responsibility and solidarity.”

Source: Telesur TV.

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