Rioters Torch Mayoral House after Loss in Barinas

President Maduro’s message of congratulations for exemplary post-election behavior may have been premature. In the town of Sosa, Barinas, rioters torched the mayoral house after hearing the election results.

Couple that with widespread reports of election-day irregularities, voting-machine malfunctions, illegal chaperoning at the polls, a lack of election center staff, and a description of this election as the “most abusive election campaign in history,” and you have a recipe for voter frustration.

The governor of the state of Barinas, Adán Chávez (Hugo Chávez’s brother), didn’t rule out irregular groups in the arson. In a press conference, Chávez said, “We assume the presence of paramilitary groups in these riots in Sosa . . . However, the immediate deployment of security forces stopped this incident from expanding and escalating to worse scenarios. Peace was reestablished.”

Source: Globovisión.

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