Cuba Temporarily Resumes Passport and Visa Processing in United States


EspañolThe Interests Section of Cuba’s diplomatic mission in Washington, D.C., has announced it will continue to offer consular services through February 17, 2014. M&T Bank notified Cuba in July that it would no longer service foreign missions. However, the banking institution announced it will now continue to process the mission’s banking through March 1, 2014, only accepting deposits until February 17.

“The Cuban Interests Section regrets the inconveniences caused to Cuban and American citizens by the suspension . . . and will provide timely information on the evolution of this matter,” said the Cuban agency in a statement.

While the Cuban Interests Section will now resume processing passports and visas, M&T Bank’s extension of services is only a temporary fix. Cuba is only guaranteeing consular services until February 17, the cut-off date for making deposits.

Source: ABC News.

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