China Seeks Role Model for Relations with Latin America and Caribbean


China is seeking to establish a relationship with Ecuador to serve as “an example for Chinese relations with Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Chinese State Counselor, Yang Jiechi, to Ecuador’s Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño, at a meeting in Beijing on Wednesday.

It was the second time the two politicians met. “I remember in your August 2010 visit, we conducted the fifth political consultation between the two foreign ministries. It’s a great pleasure to meet with you again three years later,” said Yang. Both met behind closed doors to discuss topics of special interest, such as the future of new investments in Ecuador’s energy sector and the momentum of tourism.

Currently, about 12,000 Chinese individuals travel to Ecuador each year, a figure that’s well below the hundreds of thousands of US Americans or Colombians visiting the country in the same period.

Source: El Universo.

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