Uruguay’s First Lady and Senator Affirms Drug War Is Lost

EspañolAmid the debate over legalization of marijuana in Uruguay, the senator and wife of President José Mujica, Lucía Topolansky, has weighed in. On Radio América de Argentina with host Dady Brieva, she said the war on drugs is a failure — referring to Colombia’s and Mexico’s experiences.

She clarified that the proposed law does not seek to legalize marijuana outright — rather to regulate its perceived problems — and this will be done in a similar manner to alcohol and tobacco. She did acknowledge doubts, however, and said this would be experimental with need for review.

The proposal, already approved by Uruguay’s Chamber of Deputies, awaits final legislative backing in the Senate. The Frente Amplio, the governing party with the majority, is likely to pass it before December, to combat drug trafficking.

Source: Infobae.

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