President Maduro Calls Steel Unionists on Strike “Anarcho-Syndicalists”


The strike by Siderurgica de Orinoco (Sidor), a Venezuelan steel producer, caught the attention of many, including President Nicolás Maduro. He commented yesterday, “There will be no weakness in the face of labor criminals, anarcho-syndicalists.”

Earlier this week, unionist Yunis Hernandez said, “It is estimated that individual debt [owed to Sidor employees] is roughly 150,000 [Bsf.] per person [approximately US$4,000], a sum accumulated since Sidor was nationalized in 2008 . . . It’s not as if we’re holding a knife to their throat so they pay us now; we just want a timetable for the payments.”

After 22 days on strike over the disagreement regarding how much was actually owed to Sidor employees, the standoff came to an end on October 9. Various outlets have reported that Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG), the state-owned industrial conglomerate, and Sidor agreed on an “advanced payment” plan. The reported settlement is Bsf. 40,000 in two lump sums — the first on October 31 and the second on December 16.

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