Cabinet-Wide Resignation in Colombia

Aurelio Iragorri, General Secretary of the Colombian Presidency, has announced this Monday that the governmental cabinet of 16 ministers, 10 counselors, and five office secretaries have offered their resignation to President Juan Manuel Santos.

The cabinet took the action voluntarily to give Santos the opportunity to make relevant changes in his staff to end the agrarian strike and violent crisis his government is facing.

Santos will decide which resignations to accept as he ponders the urgent need to improve Colombia’s current situation. One of the most likely to go is Francisco Estupiñán, Minister of Agriculture, due to the strike and the lack of support for his actions to manage the crisis with the Unidad Nacional party.

It is also highly probable that Sergio Díaz-Granados, Minister of Trade, María Fernanda Campo, Minister of Education, and Luis Eduardo Garzón, Santos’s counselor on Social Dialogue and Citizen Mobilization, leave their offices too.

This has been the second such resignation Santos had managed. The first one was in August 2012.

Sources: BBC Mundo. Read More » El Universal. Read More »

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