Costa Rican Authorities to Receive Prisoners and Cocaine

The Costa Rican Legislative Assembly has authorized the docking of the USS Rentz, a US Navy ship, in the Central-American country’s territory. The ship’s crew will hand over three Costa Rican suspects along with 963 kilograms of cocaine, valued in US$78 million, to Costa Rican security forces.

The arrest of the three Costa Rican men and one Nicaraguan happened in August 11, off the coast of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, while they traveled in the fishing boat Capitan Erson.

Costa Rican legislators first denied access to USS Rentz to dock on its territory, but later 35 congressmen voted in favor, while 10 against it summing up 45 of the 57 total members of the chamber.

Source: El País de Costa Rica. Read More »

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