The Liars Who Stand with the Castro Dynasty

Raúl Castro's son, Alejandro Castro Espín, gains prominence in the government as he emerges as a favorite to succeed his father and uncle. (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)
Raúl Castro’s son, Alejandro Castro Espín, is emerging as the likely successor to his father and uncle. (

EspañolTruth is emerging about the US-Cuba thaw: it was all a lie.

The participation of “Cuban civil society” was just a cover for US President Barack Obama to justify his agreement with the Castro brothers’ repressive regime — as it was for the wealthy Cubans in Miami to justify their thirst for gold amid the horror on the island. It was also an excuse for the tyrant brothers to accelerate the fraudulent reform of their own phony transition of power, leaving the laws untouched.

The second and third generations of Castros are ready to replace the original ones. It’s just a matter of family survival.

Now, as the period of derision towards these traitors has subsided, truth emerges. It’s obvious that the theory that economic empowerment would ultimately empower Cuban society was a lie. The totalitarian tycoons nevertheless parroted it endlessly. Even the US State Department and the CIA pretended to believe such nonsense.

First, for the sake of geopolitical stability in the Americas, they had to give the Havana regime their blessing, to legitimize what was illegitimate. Once Alejandro Castro Espín is confirmed as the Revolution’s royal successor, they can move on to the next stage of this huge scam: to asphyxiate the same “civil society” that was a tool to deceive public opinion and calm the anger of the Cubans.

For the billionth time, we will be left to our own despotic fortune by the United States, the greatest sponsor of dictatorships in the hemisphere.

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It is in the light of these revelations that the latest op-eds by Alejandro Armengol in El Nuevo Herald (Mercantilism and Dissidence, Dissidence and Dollars, among others) should be read. They were probably the first gift to Commander in Chief Castro for his 89th birthday — the second was the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to the island earlier this month.

The Alejandro from Miami is begging the United States to stop promoting democracy. The Alejandro from Havana is making sure, through manipulation and crime, that this will happen before or after 2018, when Castro announces his retirement.

The Alejandro from Miami is letting the world know that the corporations couldn’t care less about our nation’s freedom. The Alejandro from Cuba is ensuring that only vultures are invited to the negotiation table, and that there will never be discussion about the Cuban people’s right not to undergo the mockery of a long and sluggish “normalization” process — the right to live in a “normal country” without a communist monopoly or another ruling elite.

Alejandro Armengol has used the pages of <em>El Nuevo Herald</em> to come to the aid of the Castro regime. (<a href="" target="_blank">Wenceslao Cruz</a>)
Alejandro Armengol has used the pages of El Nuevo Herald to come to the aid of the Castro regime. (Wenceslao Cruz)

I like the Alejandro from Miami. He is a funny chubby coward whose role is to hang the dirty laundry out to dry. However, his companion in this plot, Alejandro from Havana, terrifies me. He is the skinny and resentfully rational schemer whose task is closely related to death. They are a (bad) kind of anti-democratic duet. Oliver and Stalin.

Let’s cut the white lies. After 56 years of wicked Castroism, we Cubans know better. The only truth is death. That’s why we run away, whatever it takes, from the Alejandros here and there.

Translated by Adam Dubove.

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