Let’s Call It the Chinese Virus

Communist China is guilty of inflicting suffering on the world and the looming economic crisis. The regime is now outraged that we have decided to blame it

A man wearing a protective face mask stands next to a security fence on a street in Beijing, China, 11 March 2020. (Efe)

Spanish – The Chinese dictatorship is incredulous and is now trying to present itself as a moral health authority in the fight against the pandemic that is afflicting the world. Now we are expected to believe the regime’s data and success, and it is lecturing everyone and going to Italy to say that they are not doing things right. Venezuelan professor José González illustrated the hypocrisy very well in a tweet: “It’s like killing a pedestrian because you are driving while drunk and paying 10% of the funeral expenses to the family.” Furthermore, the dictatorship has the audacity to claim that anyone who criticizes it for the obvious has, in fact, killed the pedestrian.

A few days ago, Mario Vargas Llosa published a masterful column in the newspaper El País in which he dotted his I’s and crossed his T’s about the communist regime ruling the Asian giant. “The virus from China… Nobody seems to realize that none of this would be happening in the world if the People’s Republic of China had been a free and democratic country and not the dictatorship that it is,” wrote the Nobel Laureate. The regime did not like his criticism. The Chinese embassy in Lima protested, and Vargas was censored in China.

The secretary-general of the Spanish Vox party, Ortega Smith, also had a meltdown when, after publishing a tweet saying that its “Spanish antibodies are fighting the damn Chinese viruses,” the Beijing embassy in Spain wrote, also on Twitter, that “freedom of expression has limits.” Ortega Smith relented and deleted the tweet.

But President Donald Trump, who was also criticized for wielding the unquestionable, did not do the same. He pointed it out in a tweet and also in a press conference: the virus “came from China. I think it is very accurate. I will call it per the country where it comes from.” Beijing did not like it either and reacted by expelling American journalists from its territory. “The United States must immediately stop its unjustified accusations against China,” protested Geng Shuang, a spokeswoman for the Asian country’s foreign ministry. The state news agency Xinhua also raised the alarm and said that “using racist and xenophobic terms to blame another country for the outbreak reveals the irresponsibility and incompetence of politicians” – they are, of course, hiding while the world lives in times of correction. Since then, Trump has not stopped: the virus is Chinese. Chinese virus, Chinese virus, Chinese virus.

The Communist regime led by Xi Jinping could have stopped the outbreak of the pandemic early. A study by the University of Southampton concluded that if any action had been taken one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier, the number of cases would have reduced by 66%, 86%, or 95%, respectively. Instead, the dictatorship persecuted and silenced anyone who tried to alert the world about the gravity of a new, lethal, and highly contagious virus before it got out of control – as in the iconic case of Dr. Li Wenliang. The dictatorship encouraged celebrations and travel by its citizens around the lunar new year and took 43 days to take the first steps to contain the spread of the virus. Finally, a few days ago we learned, thanks to the respected independent publication Caixin Global, that in mid-December a laboratory in Wuhan found a virus similar to that of SARS in 2002 and, instead of issuing warnings, the authorities demanded that “the samples be handed over or destroyed and that their findings not be disclosed.”

“The city then went ahead with its lunar new year celebration in January, which brought thousands of families to the city to celebrate, without informing people that coronavirus was transmissible between humans.” reads a National Review article, which is included in the Caixin Global report.

Communist China is guilty of inflicting suffering on the world and the looming economic crisis. The regime is now outraged that we have decided to blame it. The culprits of the more than 4,800 deaths in Italy, 1,300 in Spain, and hundreds in the rest of the world have a name; they walk around in Zhongnanhai and stroll around the headquarters of the Communist Party of China.

The dictatorship has protested and taken offense because the victims of its involvement in the pandemic say that the virus is Chinese. But the appropriate moniker does not annoy the communist dictatorship alone. It also bothers many idiots around the world. We already have a mob of derelicts, all supporters of the dictatorship of political correctness, saying that the obvious is offensive and encourages racism. Master Žižek rightly said that political correctness is a more dangerous form of totalitarianism. It threatens to attack us today, and it risks whitewashing one of the most bloodthirsty and dangerous regimes in the world, which is now guilty of making the whole world go through its greatest challenge in recent years, one that has cost lives and caused much suffering for so many families.

Hysteria about the obvious is, of course, unnecessary-  a symptom of these fragile times. I do not remember any recent protests against calling the 1918 flu, which killed millions, the Spanish flu, or Zika, also a pandemic in 2015, named after a Ugandan forest, or Ebola, named after a river in the Congo. The 2012 coronavirus that broke out in Saudi Arabia was known as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). And the 1957 H2N2 influenza pandemic, “Asian flu.” So many diseases or viruses are named after the place where they are first identified. This has historically been the case.

Let’s call it a Chinese virus. And not just because it was first found in Wuhan. Beijing is protesting because the virus that was born in China, one that the Chinese regime tried to cover up, and was exported from China, has been called the “Chinese virus.” Well, if these criminals are uncomfortable with it being called the “Chinese virus,” shout it out loud. Surely, this will fall short of what the world must do to them in response to China’s responsibility in this pandemic- an outbreak which is killing people like flies every day

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