Beware the Rise of Socialist Phenomenon Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Despite the historical facts and current events of the famine and mass killigs under socialist regimes, democrats have managed to make it popular.

The new Democratic Party star from Queens can’t pay her Washington DC rent, but she does know how to run your life (Flickr).

She is the star of the Democratic Party. The cool and pretty girl who dances on rooftops spoofing 1980s movies. She’s a young millennial-friendly brunette who posts on Instagram. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Washington’s new great political figure. The young, promising new talent, willing to revolutionize and disrupt the establishment. And of course, she’s a socialist.

And that’s how she reached stardom, by calling herself a socialist. She insists on being the real deal; the one that really cares about the social problems that American society is going through.

You must be careful, though, because she is quickly emerging as the mythical Robin Hood of American politics, with demagogic, populist and extremely dangerous proposals. Focused only on the common good: her common good! But she claims that everyone, and the rich above all, must make sacrifices. That’s how they are.

They are the ones who believe that others must chip in. She recently told CNN journalist Anderson Cooper that, as you triumph and become more prosperous, you should sacrifice more for your ideas (I insist: your twisted ideas). You are expected to give 70% of your salary to the state for what she calls the “Green New Deal” (based on combating climate change). Insane.

And so her plan for grand wealth redistribution. She calls them “taxes”, and she plans to raise them to pay for your free education, your free health, free food, house, postal service, roads…and everything else.

When they ask her “how”, she simply says that the money is there, just as she alleged on the campaign trail. “The resources are there.” Yet, these resources are not hers, of course. Because when it was her turn to move to Washington, she said she had no means to pay for rent. But, how can a graduate of the prestigious Boston University with a degree in economics not have any money?

She is intelligent, there is no doubt. That’s exactly why she is dangerous. She put her narrative together and arrived in the US capital complaining because she had no money. Then, she appeared in the press as the young woman from the Bronx, with Puerto Rican parents, victim of the cruel, old, white politicians who for years have ruled in Washington and who have never cared for the poor.

Nonetheless, playing the “victim card” has not been marketable for some time. Politicians like her cannot support themselves, yet they intend to know what’s best for others. And she won a resounding electoral victory. That’s truly dangerous.

Since she is not rich, she cannot be the enemy, according to her. She is poor, which is virtuous, also according to her. Then, when anyone asks her “how” she will pay for any of her spending proposals, she says that the money is available: she is referring to the money that belongs to millionaires: among them, people who create jobs, drive the economy, and have made the United States a superpower again. She’s ungrateful to them; even resentful of them.

But there she is, all over headlines, as the new big star of the Democratic Party. Young and pretty, but also a liar. Because when you try to sustain your absurd ideas about the 1%, about the money being spent, about the environment, the rich as evil and the poor as victims, it’s all lies. She uses statistics that are far from reality. She exaggerates and twists everything. She lies so much that even the Washington Post – a media outlet that is hardly on the right – has pointed out that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez scored four “Pinocchios” in its latest fact-check of her.

And when someone tells her that her facts are distorted, she is honest and wields the greatest truth on which her dangerous socialist ideas stand: the facts do not matter, what matters is the common good – “my common good.”

“I think there are many people who are more concerned with being precise, objective and semantically correct, than being morally correct”, she told Cooper.

That’s dangerous, terribly dangerous! Her cause is just, she says – despite the fact that statistics and both historical and current events, dismantle what she says. It does not matter if socialism has always failed, in every place; or if the European examples that she uses are only nations with enviable economies, fully free and prosperous. None of this matters when a common good has been designated, regardless of the facts, and each individual in society must favor the collective interests. Apostasy will not be tolerated.

But there goes the great star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, so nice that even criticizing her causes discomfort.

Beware of the beautiful girl, the charismatic one who lies, and quite a lot.

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