Caravan Heading to US, Possible Trigger for Intervention in Venezuela

Vice President Mike Pence has stated that, following a conversation with the Honduran president, that he believes the caravan heading for the US is backed by Venezuela.

The president of Honduras has alleged that Venezuela is financing the Honduran migrant caravan heading towards the US border (EFE).

A caravan of migrants is heading towards the United States. They are willing to disregard the rule of law. They wave banners, as if they were an army participating in some type of military invasion.

Neither women nor children make up the majority of the caravan. Rather, it is composed of young and healthy men; speeding northward with fury, charging through national borders. They march through Central America demanding that various governments grant them concessions, in contradiction of their own immigration law. They trample on the rule of law, national sovereignty, and international borders.

A key editorial in the Wall Street Journal explains why you can not confuse this caravan, which left Honduras in a quite organized manner on October 13, with other migratory movements, such as the flight of Venezuelans from the criminal regime of Nicolás Maduro.

In the article entitled “The Caravan to Nowhere,” the editorial board argues: “When migration becomes a political weapon to foment chaos, leaders have no choice but to confront it and protect its national security. A prime example are the 4,000 or more Central Americans seeking to travel on foot through Mexico to the United States.”

“Waves of humanity, which march together, do not materialize spontaneously and neither has this ‘caravan.’ This march is organized and not necessarily for the benefit of migrants,” continues the editorial board.

Then, in the newspaper, a comparison is made with the so-called “Mariel Exodus” of 1980, when a mass movement of Cubans ended up becoming an offensive against the United States. Not only dissidents, but criminals and misfits sailed the Mary Evelyn to Key West, Florida.

“There has not been a similar attempt to overwhelm United States immigration law, under the pretext of celebrating American freedom, since the Mariel Exodus occurred in 1980,” the Wall Street Journal adds.

“A replay of Mariel now seems to come from Honduras. Although the details are confusing, we know that the former Honduran congressman Bartolo Fuentes, of the Free Party of the Left, has admitted having organized this caravan.”

And this is a key piece of information. Because the images and footage shown by the networks is often misleading. There is discussion that the migrants are given money and the government of President Donald Trump has spoken of the supposed presence of individuals from the Middle East among Central Americans – as did the Judicial Watch organization, which claimed that 100 militants of the terrorist group ISIS were arrested in Guatemala.

There is another allegation as well, that could have major ramifications in Venezuela.

“I spoke with President Hernández of Honduras. He told me that the caravan is going through Mexico and is organized by leftist groups and financed by Venezuela,” said Vice President Mike Pence on October 23.

He also said that the goal of the caravan, financed by Venezuela, “is to challenge the security of our borders and the sovereignty of the United States of America. They have made a serious mistake,” he said.

Pence spoke in the Oval Office, in front of Trump. Before, the president of the United States had said: “Sad. It seems that the Mexican police and their military can not stop the caravan that is heading to the southern border of the United States. There are criminals and foreign nationals from the Middle East. I have alerted the border patrol and the military that this is a national emergency.”

Then, Trump says that the caravan represents a national emergency, and that there must be an urgent response. And the vice president, Mike Pence, says that Venezuela is the country that is financing that caravan. What do these pieces of information mean, put together?

According to the diplomat and former president of the UN Security Council, Diego Arria, who knows Trump very well, the president of the United States could justify an intervention in Venezuela, to depose Maduro, in light of the mass exodus and the refugee crisis.

The caravan could be the incident that triggers military action in Venezuela. For the US Government, if there is a humanitarian tragedy in Latin America, Maduro is responsible. And now, if there is an attempt to destabilize the response capabilities of immigration authorities, Maduro is also responsible.

This is a national emergency that demands a relevant response. Because, as Pence said, if Nicolás Maduro intends to infiltrate and spread chaos in the United States, he would be making an unacceptable error.

This caravan emanates from a place of madness: presenting terrible propaganda for those who justify or promote it. If they really expressing their genuine sentiments, and not financed by Chavismo as it seems they are, they should be advised to march against their own governments, not pretending to break the rule of law in the United States. Meanwhile, it could be the trigger for a lethal expedition against those who hinder Trump in the region.

“Criminal organizations and governments like Venezuela could benefit from the chaos in the United States border, which affects Trump’s administration before the elections…The reality is that bowing to this immigration blackmail would produce a political reaction that would damage the cause of legal immigration and a humanitarian refugee policy,” reads the Wall Street Journal.

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