Military intervention off the table in Venezuela, sanctions enough – Rubio

The Republican senator also introduced a Facebook page to maintain communication with Venezuelans


marco rubio venezuela
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The U.S. senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, spoke on Venezuela in the Univision’s show Al Punto, broadcasted on March 25. He assured that there will not be a military intervention in the country governed by Nicolás Maduro; however, he asked for confidence around the sanctions already being imposed.

“There are many Venezuelans in South Florida who say that perhaps the sanctions imposed by the Trump government are not enough to bring about change in Venezuela, and they are even asking for a military intervention,” journalist Alina Mayo Azze told the senator. Rubio replied: “Well, that’s not really being considered by anyone. That will not happen.”.

“But I can tell you that sanctions do work. Their purpose is to take away from the leadership that surrounds Maduro the benefits they have with power. The reason why a series of officers surrounding this regime continues to support Maduro, is because he protects” their businesses of drug trafficking and other crimes, said Marco Rubio.

For Rubio the sanctions undermine the businesses of those who support the Chavista dictatorship: “Many of them are turning around, they realize that having Maduro in power does not benefit them; so, the purpose of these sanctions is to prevent these people who surround Maduro from keep on gaining benefits”.

Those who disagree with Marco Rubio’s ideas, admit he’s been more involved than most, and few would deny his commitment to the cause of Venezuelans. The senator from Florida is one of the most influential Republicans on Latin American policy of the current administration. He was a presidential candidate and achieved substantial support in the campaign. Rubio represents the state in which the largest number of Venezuelans is concentrated abroad.

Rubio was honest during the Univision show, and that is appreciated. Although the military alternative can’t be completely ruled out – as the president of the United States said – it is a much less plausible option than other measures that have not yet been applied.

The senator has confidence on the sanctions and this is most sensible. It is worth remembering that for a regime that rose thanks to access to mountains of money, it will be difficult to endure with an empty pocket. And it is precisely in that way in which the sanctions hope to torpedo the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.

Rubio’s commitment to the struggle for democracy

Another sign of Marco Rubio’s commitment to Venezuelans’ cause is the decision to open a Facebook account focused only on strengthening communication with citizens of the country.

In addition to depicting Chavez number two man as a drug trafficker, exposing the crisis in Venezuela to the United States Congress, and sending letters to Trump calling to increased pressure on Chavismo; he is also willing to maintain direct and persistent contact with Venezuelans.

“After many weeks and months talking with people inside and outside of Venezuela, I have come to understand that for many of you the only way you have to communicate with the rest of the world and understand a little more about what is happening, is through Facebook,” the senator said when presenting his new page, called «Rubio supports a free Venezuela ».

“I know that they are living extremely difficult moments under this dictatorship controlled by the Castros in Havana. Venezuela, one of the richest countries in the hemisphere and with a long history of democracy, has become a dictatorship.”

He assured that the United States supports the desires of freedom of the Venezuelans. It is one of his priorities, as he has shown it; and for that reason, he is encouraging that Washington takes decisive measures against the regime.

“The sanctions are still looking for ways to freeze funds [to the corrupt] and punish them for their actions. And soon these people will realize that continuing to support a dictator like Maduro does not make any sense,” said Marco Rubio in the video.

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