Venezuelan Attorney General Flees Country After Maduro Regime Raids Home

Several lmedia outlets reported that Luisa Ortega Díaz left Venezuela with her husband and would apply for political asylum. (Twitter)

EspañolAttorney General Luisa Ortega Días has allegedly left Venezuela in search of asylum in a neighboring country, possibly Colombia.

Infobae reported the news first, saying, “Sources confirmed that the official from the Chavez regime who rebelled against the military regime of Nicolás Maduro left Venezuela for an uncertain destination, though it is presumed that she went to Colombia or Brazil.”

Meanwhile, El Tiempo Latino wrote on its Twitter: “Source in Washington confirms that the Attorney General of the Republic of Venezuela and her husband are refugees in a Latin American country.”

The Attorney General had reportedly been collecting evidence of alleged corruption related to the Odebrecht case, in which several officials of the Maduro dictatorship have connections.

Having previously supported Maduro’s regime, Ortega Días began to voice her disapproval of violence and repression when it started to intensify this past year. In an interview with Argentine media several months ago, she said she was not afraid of Maduro’s forces, or of being arrested.

In response, the regime attempted to claim she was unfit to serve, but she refused to leave office, having earned some support from the opposition. Ortega Días went so far as to meet with opposition leaders to discuss future strategy in combatting the regime, which was not well-received by Maduro.

Tweet: Confirmed. Luisa Ortega Diaz and her husband are refugees in neighboring country. We hope it’s to publish proof of Nicolas Maduro’s “failed State”.

Information of her escape from Venezuela became public hours after the Bolivarian Intelligence Service — Nicolás Maduro’s political police — raided her residence in Caracas and arrested one of Luisa Ortega Díaz’s employees.

Source: Infobae

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