Venezuelan Opposition Calls for Nationwide Strike in Crucial Week for Democracy

(Leo Álvarez)
The Venezuelan opposition faces a crucial week amid violent repression that has already claimed the lives of over 100 protesters. (Leo Álvarez)

EspañolThe Venezuelan opposition has announced a week of demonstrations that include a 48-hour nationwide strike and a massive march at the nation’s capital as the final stretch against the dictatorship’s push to rewrite the Constitution looms.

“We want to tell our countrymen that we can show them a roadmap to defeat the National Constituent Assembly: on Monday in all of Venezuela at 10 am we are going to carry banners and posters that say ‘In my center there will be no Constituent Assembly,’ and we are going to put them in all of our polling stations,” opposition congressman Simón Calzadilla said during a news conference on Saturday, July 22.

Also on Monday, there will be a tribute to the fallen during the more than 100 days of protests in Venezuela. Tuesday will be devoted to preparations for the more radical actions of the following days.


“On Wednesday and Thursday we are calling on all Venezuelans, all sectors… all of Venezuela to go on strike for 48 hours across the entire country. We are going to tell this government that we stand firm for what is best for Venezuela,” said the legislator, and then added, “if that is not enough, on Friday everyone will march in Caracas. We are going to make Maduro call off his National Constituent Assembly.”

The Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), the main coalition of opposition parties, has not announced where the march will head to on Friday to avoid the government’s violent crackdown. As reported by Freddy Guevara, the Parliament’s vice president, the information will be released at the last minute.

And on Friday, from Caracas, with everyone in the streets, we will announce where we will march to and the plan for Sunday, July 30. 

Nicolás Maduro and the regime’s officials have openly stated that the National Constituent Assembly, whose members will be elected on Sunday, July 30, will pave the way for a totalitarian “communal” state.


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