Venezuelan Police Chief Finally Stands Up to Paramilitary Chavista Thugs

Venezuelan Police Chief Finally Stands Up to Paramilitary Chavista Thugs
“You saw when those criminals arrived, we stood in front of you before anyone else”, said chief of police Perez Ampueda. (PanAm Post)

EspañolThe Venezuelan Bolivarian National Police have been one of the dictatorship’s main forces of repression during the country’s new stage of protests. But this Wednesday, May 10, Chief of Police Carlos Alfredo Perez Ampueda announced his support for the country’s demonstrators and condemned state paramilitary forces.

Ampueda defended opposition protesters and acknowledged the existence of state-sponsored paramilitary forces.

Tweet: Police official confirmed armed civilians fired against protestors in La Calendaria on May 10.

“We use peaceful means because you (the protesters) have been peaceful. We are here guaranteeing your lives,” General Perez Ampueda said.

The statements of the Chief of Police refer to an opposition demonstration in downtown Caracas where some members of congress were participating. A group of state-sponsored paramilitary officers arrived to intimidate protestors. According to their statements, these groups, also called collectives, fired shots.

The situation ended when the Bolivarian National Police intervened in favor of the demonstrators. However, as Perez Ampueda pointed out, they could not do much unarmed.

After the incident, opposition leader and Congressman Freddy Guevara wrote, “Today the groups that shot us also attacked the PNB. I am sure: this causes more discomfort and more division.”

Journalist and public security expert Ronna Risquez said in response to the Chief of Police’s statements: “The Bolivarian National Chief of Police’s statements are as important as the prosecutor’s (Luisa Ortega Díaz). The chief of police is a general of the GNB brigade.”

Rísquez explained that Perez Ampueda “was appointed to that position a month ago” by the Minister of Interior and Justice Nestor Reverol.

“The chief of the PNB recognizes that these groups are armed and better equipped than the police … and denounces that the groups shoot civilians and the police… He calls them ‘shameless.'”

Tweet: National Bolivarian Police Director acknowleges that opposition protests are peaceful and that it is paramilitary groups who are shooting.

Tweet: National Bolivarian Chief of Police finally said they would capture paramilitary (collectives) that sympathize with regime and shoot against civilians.

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