Day 38 of Protests in Venezuela: Opposition Stands Up to Dictatorship’s Call to Rewrite Constitution

Day 38 of Protests in Venezuela
Citizens took to the streets for the 38th day of protests in Venezuela. (/PanAm Post)

Espa√ĪolVenezuelan citizens returned to the streets on Monday, May 8 to protest against dictator¬†Nicolas Maduro’s regime and his proposal to convene a National Constituent Assembly. In response to calls from opposition leadership, the streets were once again filled with protesters trying to reach the Ministry of Education.

State official ordered the armed authorities to prevent the opposition’s march from reaching downtown Caracas, where Minister of Education Elias Jaua has an office.

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After 37 days of protests, confrontations with the state have become even more intense. The number of crimes committed by the regime continue to grow. However, citizens show no signs of leaving the streets.

Today, opposition leaders announced¬†that Venezuela’s protests have reached a “point of no return,” as violence will most likely continue to escalate.

Photojournalists Leo √Ālvarez and Blas Santander have reported on activity in the streets.

(Foto: Blas Santander)
Protestors use shields to defend themselves against oppression in Caracas. Sign: “Death to Oppression” ¬†(/Blas Santander)


(Foto: Blas Santander)
Helmets have become a necessary when going out on the streets, as the use of tear gas cannisters has become increasingly common. (/Blas Santander)


(Foto: Blas Santander)
A protester¬†resists the dictatorship by¬†throwing a tear gas canister back at the state’s forces of repression. (/Blas Santander)


(Foto: Leo √Ālvarez)
National Bolivarian Police fire tear gas against protestors in Caracas. (/Leo √Ālvarez)


Gobernador y l√≠der opositor Henrique Capriles encabeza manifestaci√≥n en autopista Francisco Fajardo. (Foto: Leo √Ālvarez)
Opposition leader Henrique Capriles leads a protest along Francisco Fajardo highway. (/Leo √Ālvarez)


Manifestante afectado por efecto de gases lacrim√≥genos. (Foto: Leo √Ālvarez)
A Venezuelan protestor endures the effects of tear gas. (/Leo √Ālvarez)


Diputado Rafael Guzm√°n resisti√≥ a represi√≥n de las fuerzas del Estado. (Foto: Leo √Ālvarez)
Congressman Rafael Guzm√°n resisted the state force’s repression. (/Leo √Ālvarez)


Manifestante se enfrenta con fuerzas represivas del Estado. (Foto: Leo √Ālvarez)
A protestor faces off against government forces. (/Leo √Ālvarez)


Manifestante esgrime una bandera frente a represi√≥n del r√©gimen chavista. (Foto: Leo √Ālvarez)
A protester raises the Venezuelan flag in front of the regime’s forces. (/Leo √Ālvarez)


Manifestantes se protegen de la represi√≥n con escudos. (Foto: Leo √Ālvarez)
Protesters use shields for protection. (/Leo √Ālvarez)


Henrique Capriles es afectado por represi√≥n de las fuerzas del r√©gimen chavista. (Foto: Leo √Ālvarez)
Opposition leader Henrique Capriles suffers the effects of tear gas. (/Leo √Ālvarez)



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