Why Venezuela’s Dictatorship Is About To End

Why Venezuela's Dictatorship Is About To End
We are winning right now and that must to be understood. We are the powerful, because real political power is in the streets and belongs to the people. The power belongs to us. (PanAm Post)

EspañolThese are hard times, it’s obvious, and that makes it easy to succumb to a feeling of desperation. Venezuela is undoubtedly at its most important crossroads in contemporary history. But it is also the moment in which we must understand that we are about to be free ourselves from President Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship.

The fierce repression, the dead, the spreading terror — these usually demolish the spirit of an entire society that has set to the task of regaining freedom for itself. The dictatorship’s actions can make you nervous. You may feel defeated. But this is not the time for that.

We are winning right now and we all have to understand that. We are the powerful, because real political power is in the streets and belongs to the people.

Violence, on the other hand, is the strategy of those who are starting to lose power. It’s a tool used by the dictatorship to maintain what it has already lost. But that’s just the point: they already lost it.

Today we are seeing a dictatorship in its worst form: unprecedented violence from a fascist and criminal regime that has tried to repress its people.

We must understand that those who give the orders today have nothing to lose. It’s completely natural for them to react brutally, because they feel increasingly threatened. The fact that repression is worsening only shows that we are moving in the right direction.

The more violent, criminal and fascist the dictatorship becomes, the closer we are to victory. The beast-like display of repression and crimes are evidence of the final stage of a dying project.

The criminal nature of the regime has set off the world’s alarms. Repression and barbarism have forced Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz to step aside, and a public defender’s son to speak against his own father. As long as you are willing to continue pushing boundaries, more deserters will join the resistance.

Every day, 200,000 or more citizens are willing to pay the price of rescuing Venezuela — An example of heroism that will echo for generations to come.


It’s unprecedented. It’s extremely encouraging to see a whole country enraged at its loss of liberty.

After so many years, we have reached the definitive process of dismantling a dictatorship. We knew this was going to come in spite of all attempts to delay it. We have arrived. We have a new opportunity.

For those who always understood that the only way to resurrect freedom was through the exercise of civilian protest, what happens today is not astonishing. In fact, it is normal for the naive, who played a democratic game with the dictatorship for years, to today sink into despair and disappointment. This was always the reality. This was the process that we have sought for years and it has finally arrived. It is time to take advantage of it.

It is time to exercise the responsibility that the situation requires. People understand and know the cost involved. But freedom, that sacred value, is more important.

Never before has an entire society resisted the repression of the Chavista state for so long. Everything changed and will continue to change. The public understands that we have pushed the situation to a point of no return. The transition has begun.

Today everyone is ready for the victory of citizens seeking the rescue of a nation. The circumstances have created a push for resistance in which the side that enjoys legitimacy and seeks to rescue sacred values will prevail. It is necessary that each individual assumes their responsibility and understands that this is finally the transition that they have been waiting for.

Chavez’s dictatorship is about to end, we just have to continue to fight.

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