Maduro Is Strengthening Chavez’s Legacy In Venezuela, Not Destroying It

Maduro Is Strengthening Chavez's Legacy In Venezuela
I wish Maduro were destroying the legacy of Hugo Chávez! But he’s only strengthening it. (Venezuela Analysis)

EspañolSome people in Venezuela have tried to downplay the impact former Dictator Hugo Chávez has ultimately had on the country’s current economic and political crisis, but he is just as much to blame.

President Nicolás Maduro has announced the creation of a Communal Constituent Assembly, a twisted and dangerous version of that which was founded  by the 1999 constitution.

The constitution of 1999 was, at the time, Chávez’s great achievement, which turned out to be the prelude to the establishment of the dictatorial regime. It was that first big step by Chávez to begin the consolidation of power and thus, the Bolivarian Revolution.

But then in 2007, Chavez proposed reforms to his own constitution. He wanted to change 69 articles from the text, but couldn’t. However, this suggests that the constitution of ’99 was only a first step that would then lead to a transitional process.

Now, Maduro aims to complete that process, and continue forward with the worst crisis in the contemporary history of Venezuela.

We do not witness today the liquidation of the tragic and criminal legacy of Chavez. We are seeing, instead, how Maduro has chosen to continue strengthening the legacy of his political mentor.

It is time to stop condoning and pardoning Chavismo. Some people point out that Hugo Chávez “legitimized himself with elections,” and that “this dictator does not.” But no, the leader of the revolution only took advantage of democratic support to develop the dictatorship that today all Venezuelans suffer from.

Hugo Chávez would not have done something different, which is why he appointed Maduro, who is also part of the legacy of the Chavismo.

Today we see a desperate dictator, who tries to finish consolidating what his mentor began. But he can not.

There is no way he can consolidate the totalitarian dictatorship he wants with a society full of active protesting civilians demanding freedom. They will not achieve anything. We are seeing the darkest days of the revolution. We are seeing the worst of chavismo — their most fascist, criminal and uncivilized side. There is no way they can achieve stability.

The picture has changed. Today we see a dictator reacting to every sign of liberty that appears in the streets. The Constituent Assembly is a mechanism of repression and intimidation that has responded to manifestations of society. Today we have imposed ourselves, and we must continue imposing our agenda. That’s what it’s all about.

Maduro has not annihilated Chavez’s legacy. In a desperate attempt to subdue an enraged society he has sought a way to finish the project initiated by our first tyrant.

I wish Maduro were destroying the legacy of Hugo Chávez! But he’s only strengthening it.

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