Only General Elections Offer Hope for Venezuela Crisis: OAS Secretary General

Only General Elections Offer Hope for Venezuela Crisis
“There is a coup, a dictatorship, a humanitarian crisis, regional elections are not a solution for that.┬á(Wikimedia)

Espa├▒olRegional elections won’t lift┬áVenezuela out of tyranny, it turns out.

Secretary General of the Organization of American States Luis Almagro said he believes the offer made by Venezuela President┬áNicolas Maduro to organize regional elections will not improve┬áthe country’s crisis.

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“Regional elections are a cosmetic solution,” he told The Miami┬áHerald.┬á“You have a coup, a dictatorship, the absence of fundamental freedoms, the judicial system is run by the executive branch, there is a total disarticulation of the legislative power, a humanitarian crisis ÔÇö regional elections are not the solution for all that.”

Almagro also said Maduro, running the country on Hugo Chavez’s political principles, is responsible for the deaths that have occurred during the recent opposition protests in Venezuela.

Secretary General of the OAS said he believes general elections would help solve the political, social and humanitarian crisis of Venezuela:

“What the country needs is democracy and democracy has to come through general elections and give the people the power to decide,” Almagro said.

He also said that the dialogue phase of solving Venezuela’s problems has passed. Third-party entities such as the Vatican had┬átried helping the political opposition speak with Maduro’s administration, but to no end.

“There is nothing more to do about it,” Almagro said. “It has collapsed┬áin every sense. A new step┬áis needed.”

He said there is no coup or intervention in Venezuela, despite what Maduro has been saying.

“No one is bombing Venezuela, what we have is people asking the government to leave because the government is not able to guarantee their rights, or to feed them or ensure their health. ”

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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