Dictator Nicolás Maduro Showered with Eggs and Stones during Military Parade in Venezuela

Dictator Nicolás Maduro Showered with Eggs
The national broadcast had to be interrupted violently. In some images citizens can be shouting “Damn you!”. (La Información)

EspañolVenezuelans threw eggs and stones at President Nicolás Maduro following a nationally broadcast military parade for the Battle of San Felix in the state of Bolivar Tuesday, April 11.

As Maduro said goodbye at the event, a series of objects began to rain over him while his security tried to block it.

Tweet: To say the least, the military parade and broadcast had an abrupt ending. People approached the vehicle Maduro exited from.

In another video, you can see from the audience how people shout “damn you” as he passes.

Tweet: URGENT Another angle of the sudden end of Nicolas Maduros’ broadcast on #11A. You can hear the roar crying “damn you”

Social media immediately started spreading the images. Congressman and former President of the National Assembly Henry Ramos Allup, said the reception that the people of San Felix gave Maduro and the armed forces was worse than the one at Villa Rosa.


In Villa Rosa, Margarita Island, a group refused to let Maduro carry out an event in the area. The dictator had to flee among screams and insults.

The incident left seven people under in custody, and others trying to record the event had their cell phones taken.

Tweet: #11Abr San Feliz: Military House detained 7 people and removed phones from whoever recorded Madur0’s failed parade.

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