Santos Denies FARC Still Keeping Hostages, Despite Outcries from Victim Families

FARC Still Keeping Hostages
Santos said he believes FARC when they say they aren’t holding hostages. (Wikimedia)

EspañolColombia President Juan Manuel Santos denied on Thursday that Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is still keeping hostages despite evidence to the contrary.

“FARC says they have no more kidnappings and I believe them,” Santos said during an interview with Caracol Radio.

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The President’s response comes after statements about the guerrilla group’s still keeping people locked away. But Santos maintains it is a lie.

“I would like if, indeed, there were evidence that FARC had kidnapped people,” he said. “Make them public, make them visible.”

In addition, he said if the guerrillas still held hostages, all benefits granted under the peace agreement the government made with them would disappear immediately.

A few months ago, journalist Herbin Hoyos gave the government a list of 468 kidnapped and missing people, for which FARC is allegedly guilty.

The Federation of Victims of FARC and other relatives of the suspects kidnapped also maintain there are hostages.

Source:  CARACOL, El Espectador

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