Colombia Passes Amnesty Law for FARC Guerrilla Crimes

Amnesty Law for FARC
Congress voted 121 in favor and none against. (Radio nacional de Colombia)

EspañolOn Wednesday, December 28, the Colombian House of Representatives approved an Amnesty Law that will give legal security to some members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC.

“With 121 votes in favor, the Amnesty Law has just been approved. Today we take an important step toward ending a war that has lasted more than 50 years,” Colombian Congresswoman Angela Robledo wrote on Twitter.

There was no vote against the law passed in Congress and the Senate. For that to be debated on the same day, the fast track or expedited procedure was used, which was endorsed by the Constitutional Court.

As for the Senate, the Amnesty Law received 69 votes in favor and none against.

However, those who have committed serious crimes under the Rome Statute, such as crimes against humanity, sexual abuse or the recruitment of minors will not be able to comply with the proposal.


From now on, FARC will have to draw up a list of the members of the guerrilla group who meet the requirements and who wish to be sheltered under the law that received protection.

Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo thanked the Chamber of Congress for its “commitment to peace” when approving the law, whose discussion began on December 19.

At least 6,000 members of the FARC are expected to benefit from the Amnesty Law.

Source: Telesur, El Nacional

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