Google Signs Deal with Cuba to Improve Quality of Internet on the Island

Cuba to Improve Quality of Internet
While the agreement does not affect the number of people with access to internet, some said it lays the groundwork for further development. (Granma)

EspañolGoogle signed an agreement this week with Cuba to improve quality of internet service on the island, which is often considered one of the slowest countries to catch up to modern technology.

The agreement was signed by the President of the State Agency of Telecommunications in Cuba (Etecsa) Mayra Arevich and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Both met on the island in order to boost the content enhancement of technology giants such as Gmail and YouTube.

However, the agreement does not represent a general advance in the connection on the island, but rather a particular advance in the services offered by Google in general. Additionally, the agreement will not impact the number of people that have access to the network in Cuba, which the UN currently estimates is at 5.6 percent.

The agreement reportedly has some experts predicating that Google will be able to install servers on the island in the future that would substantially increase the speed and quality of connection.


“The Google servers that, according to the agreement, will be installed on the island will allow the company to store much of their demanded content locally, ” the BBC said.

“This agreement allows Etecsa to use our technology to reduce latency by locally delivering some of our most popular and high-bandwidth content, such as YouTube videos,” a Google statement said.

Source: BBC, El País

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