Maduro Shuts Down Venezuela-Colombia Border amid Cash Chaos

The Venezuelan-Colombia border will be closed for 72 hours
Maduro said the border will be shut down for 72 hours. (Nicolás Maduro)

EspañolPresident Nicolás Maduro issued the closure of the Venezuelan-Colombia border for 72 hours in order to avoid the return of 100 Bolivar bills that, according to him, are in Cúcuta being hoarded by the mafia.

Maduro made the order on the night of Monday, December 13, saying that no one would lose money except for the mafias in control of the exchange houses linked to the Venezuelan opposition.

“The right is behind this,” Maduro said, claiming more than 300 billion bolivars are estimated to be located there. “We did an investigation, and it was an issue that I spoke to Santos about in August. He showed me proof of how this money trafficking was being done and asked my opinion about it.”



“I aspire to the reciprocity of our friend and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos,” he said.

Maduro is hoping that with this plea and closure, the 100 Venezuelan banknotes currently in Columbia remain there.

The Venezuelan President insisted that “exhaustive investigations” had been done determining that there were also warehouses in Ukraine, The Czech Republic and Brazil. It is in these warehouses, Maduro claims, “where international mafias accumulate more than 300 billion bolivars, to lead the economic coup.”

Source: El Nacional

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