Cadavers Explode in Venezuela’s Neglected Morgues

Bodies exploding in the morgue is becoming recurrent (Canal de noticias)
Exploding bodies in the morgue are becoming a serious problem. (Canal de noticias)

EspañolWednesday October 5, several patients of the University Hospital Antonio Patricio de Alcalá (Huapa) had to evacuate after a body exploded in the morgue after two days of decomposition.

The incident was reportedly caused by faulty storage facilities.

“It’s not the first time that a body exploded,” said one worked. “It has already occurred two times since the middle of September.  We don’t use formaldehyde here, so the preparation of the bodies is in the hand of the funerary.  There are no disinfectants or chlorine either.”

The internal conditions of the morgue at the main health center of Sucre require bodies to spend up to five days exposed on the floor of the hospital. When they explode, this affects the nearby areas and the main corridors.

The staff working in the hospital and the morgue complained that unhealthy conditions there are a serious problem, because patients are exposed to toxic fumes and the stench of decomposing corpses. In addition, the site lacks basic products for disinfection.

When the bodies explode, patients that have to leave their rooms are exposed to the problem in the hallways despite themselves being hospitalized for sensitive, serious illness.

“We can not bear the smell,” one patient reportedly said.

Source: El Pitazo

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