Why the Venezuelan Opposition Is Failing in Its Effort to Oust Maduro

Pino Iturrieta thinks MUD could be doing a better job. (visionglobal)

An op-ed published in the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional this past Sunday, September 11 by Universidad Católica Professor Elías Pino Iturrieta criticized the recent activity of the opposition party MUD, which has tried and failed to “get us out of the Chavista swamp.”

“I have said various times that MUD comes down on the right side of things,” he wrote, “but we have to look at their behavior from a different perspective.”

“I continue to think about how their efforts to get out of this situation are very costly,” he wrote. “It’s not an easy business, especially over the last year, but someone has to call attention to the need for different steps to be taken.”

Pino Iturrieta pointed out the negative qualities of chavismo amid the country’s current situation, specifically highlighting the recent events of Villa Rosa.

The historian emphasized that there are really two options: “Are you going to allow the referendum to be carried out during the present year, or choose new leaders to fight for peace?”

“Leaders of MUD have the obligation to end the concordat with force….Their efforts have been fruitless.”

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